Caricatures make unique and thoughtful gifts for parents, grandparents or any family member.
All you have to do is send me a nice sharp photograph; list their hobby, sport, career, first name (nickname), and whether you want it in
black & white or in color.

I have endeavored to approach caricature entertainment and caricatures from photos and in person in a unique fashion. Rather than exaggerate features of the individual, as the textbook definition of "caricature" implies, I take a more sensible approach. Every effort is made to simply render the real features of the subject in a cartoon way. I take great pride in the often-heard response to my work: "Looks just like me!"

My Pledge

Since 1990 I have been committed to providing high-quality humorous cartoon caricatures at reasonable prices,
and in a timely and professional manner.

Drawing Live! Here I am having a little fun with a caricature of my favorite aircraft!

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